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Hey y'all!!!!

i know I got pretty good about uploading again but I'm gonna be gone for the next four days in Kentucky and then I have a lot of school work to catch up on!!! So no artwork for a while!!

However, I am attending Rolex as a photography opportunity so I'll hopefully upload some of the pictures I take!!!

See ya!!! If you'll be attending leave a comment below and I'll tell ya when I'll be going and if you wanna see what I look like you can check out my personal instagram @ brynnie_b ;) 

i'm really tall and lanky (5'10) so I'm fairly easy to spot lol
a morning stroll by Bubba2238
a morning stroll
Every so often Keri, Brittany, and Alice are lucky enough to finish chores early and go for a little hack down the road and around the property. It's always a nice sight to see the three girls laughing and enjoying one another's company. The two mares don't seem to mind Keri's gentle stallion either. However, Rocky isn't afraid to give him a squeal should he get too close. 

They've formed quite the gang recently. Zach and Tide like to tease and call them the "Saddle Club" of FDS. But with better equitation and general horsemanship, of course.


support your local girl gang lmao

just wanted to draw the three besties being all happy! And yes, Vitania is a girl and their friend, but she's far too busy and serious about her riding so they aren't as close with her. And then, obviously, no boys allowed!


art / oc's (c) me
return of the admiral by Bubba2238
return of the admiral
"Prepare the show ring..... the admiral is returning."

thought you'd seen the last of FDS huh? ; )


Admiral Rose / FDS / Art (c) Me
"Hello, all. With sad hearts, FDS has chosen to let some horses go. 
There are no conditions to the sales, as each horse is intended to sell as fast as possible. We only ask that you really consider if you have the time for this horse.
Lets see what we've got..."

{Click on reference sheets for more information}

FDS Radius Solus


F-038 Radius Solus | Updates by Bubba2238Radius Solus by Bubba2238Reindeer Games... by jennyshep5

Name: IHS Radius Solus 
Name Meaning: Sun Ray
Barn name: Sunny.
Gender: Mare. 
Breed: Equus Ballator
Age: 4 years old.
Discipline: Liberty, Some jumping. 
Genetics: EE/AA/nCh/nZ/nT
Sire: IHS Sol Regium
Dam: IHS Femina Papilio
Color: Silver Amber Champagne Tobiano w/dusty purple
Cappilae/Eyes/Hooves: Dusty Purple
Rarity: 6 (rare coat, common horn + color, common pattern)

FDS I Lost My Shoe


FDS I Lost My Shoe by Bubba2238Design commission 01 by jennyshep5

Show Name: FDS I Lost My Shoe
Nickname: Sammy
Gender: Stallion
Breed: American Quarter Horse
Color: Bay Dun
Genetics: Ee/Aa/DD
Age: 10 years old
Height: 15.1 hh
Handler: TBD
Discipline: Cutting, Sorting, and Roping
Sammy is the definition of all work and no play. He wants and needs a job or else he'll get clumsy bored (ex; tripping on his own feet at the walk and almost face-planting in the dirt). But put a cow in front of him and he's on a mission. You've never seen a more focused horse until you've seen him doing what he was trained to do. He even likes to practice. Multiple times he's been caught moving and weaving throughout the field as if chasing down a cow. One odd thing about this horse... he's absolutely petrified of clowns. It's not the bright colors, it's the painted faces that bug the hell out of him. This has proved quite the problem when roping at rodeos, as those rodeo clowns are apparently very terrifying..

FDS Alerio

Priced at: 50 :points:

E-42 Alerio by Bubba2238

Name: FDS Alerio
Name Meaning: Eagle
Barn name: Al
Gender: Stallion 
Breed: Equus Ballator Mountain Type
Age: 4 years old.
Discipline: Unbroken, he could go any direction.
Personality: He wasn't named Alerio for nothing! Al has a very noble and brave look to him, and that plays in dramatically in his personality. He's very headstrong and freedom is a term he follows closely. The staff have been lucky to just have him halter trained, but he'll let you chase him for a while in the field before you can actually get it on! He's the complete polar opposite of their gentle and tame Radius Solus. It's not that he's mean he's just simply.. a wild horse! And that's how he prefers to stay, no human can change that. 
Genetics: ee/aa/ChCh/nCr
Sire: Starter
Dam: Starter
Color: Ivory Champagne
Cappilae/Eyes/Hooves: Dark Brown
Rarity: 8

FDS Angel

Priced at: 20 :points:

Peaceful Grazing by Bubba2238
No information to offer on this mare, other than her name fits her personality. 


Priced at: 25 :points:

Mass Horse Adoption by horsy1050 {design #4}
There's a memory from a week ago burned so deep in my mind, I had to write it down.

I remember the first time I was completely vulnerable to my girlfriend. I  sat completely naked in front of her on my bed, watching as she fiddled with something on my drawer.

She then turned, and she looked at me. When I say she looked at me, I mean she really looked at me.

"Gosh." She breathed. "I just... You're so beautiful and you can't even see it- I mean, I know it's hard with anxiety but..."

At this point, I was smiling very bashfully and kinda turning my head away, hiding behind my hair.

She was speechless. She walked up to me, placing a hand on the side of my face and urging me to look at her.

"You love art so much, but look at you... You're art."

The look on her face... it was like she couldn't even believe I was real. I've never felt so special in my entire life.

She always makes comments about how I'm the type of girl people write stories about... but she has no idea that she makes my life feel like a story. I could never have come up with a moment that perfect.

There's things in life you must experience. I hope everyone meets someone who makes them feel like they're in a fairytale.
Her Story
Just me being sappy about my big lesbian gf, as usual.


Artist | Digital Art
United States
Hello!! I'm Bubba2238, but most people on here just call me Bubba!

I’m 15 years old, my zodiac sign is leo, and I’m basically anxiety with long legs (I’m 5'10). I’m that “weird horse girl”, a huge art hoe, and I’m really obsessed with the band twenty one pilots. I’m a smol bisexual with a big lesbian girlfriend ( who will definitely fight you if you flirt with me.

Tumblr -
Instagram - @ lilac_nights

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